This series depict my closest friends from my hometown, Necochea (Argentina), in their new role (to me) of mothers with their respective children.
After being four years away from my country, I returned to realize that all of them became mothers, unlike me.

Necochea is a small town in the south of Buenos Aires, on the Atlantic coast, in Argentina. The town is pretty static, it hasn't change in many years, and you can see the biuldings' decay. It has wide beaches and an important port as it is located at the mouth of the Quequén Grande River and the Argentine Sea.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Necochea, and eventually decided that it was best for my personal growth and career to leave town, as many young people does. But the rest of my childhood friends stayed and built their life there, quickly becoming workers and then mothers.

This project aims to put into perspective and to reflect how women in certain territories are conditioned to fill certain standards of what adult life should be.

Through these images I try to get a bit closer to this stage of many women’s life, which has always terrified me, and document how the female body changes and adapts to this new role. It is also a tribute to my hometown, which has always generated mixed feelings in me.

Ongoing Project
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