The technological advancement in the current forms of communication have brought exponential consequences in the way of engaging with others.

Bonding emotionally and affectively no longer necessarily requires face-to-face interaction, and cultural gaps seem to diminish thanks to the access we have to any part of the world through the Internet.

Distant birds is a project that explores the new ways of linking through the network, through the documentation of a distance relationship that takes place between the years 2015-2017, between two people living in different continents (South America, Argentina vs Europe, Spain), and whose origin and development is given through social networks.

The analogue photographs correspond to the only three moments in which the protagonists are physically in the same place, as opposed to the texts extracted from conversations via Facebook, corresponding to the intervals in the that were separated.

Two paradigms confront each other, the immediacy of contemporary communication and the photographic procedure that metaphorically represents the conception of space-time during the relationship.

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