Dominique is my youngest sister. I was 6 years old when she was born, and it had a huge impact on me. I got so jealous that I even went deaf for a while.Once I overcame this incident, we built a bond like I've never experienced before.Dominique followed me everywhere, she imitated me, tried to catch my attention constantly, and she became a pillar in my life.As the years went by, and Dominique´s entrance in adolescence, our bond weakened, she began to distance herself from me, I was no longer her reference, and it was very difficult for me to get her to do something with me.In 2017 I had the opportunity to study abroad, and my need to spend the time I had with my sister nearby increased, but she seemed not to perceive it in the same way, and we barely spent any time together before I left.
A few months after my departure, I found out that my little sister, who was then 21 years old, was pregnant. I felt her further away than ever.
Shortly before Dakota (her daughter) was born, we found out that she was going to be born with several health problems, in fact she spent her first 6 months of life in hospital struggling between life and death, and Dominique going through this whole situation alone, since the hospital was in a different city from where we lived. Somehow this made Dominique turn to me again for support and comfort.
This situation was what brought us back together, and today I am (according to her) the only person she can trully talk to, even though we live 15.000 km apart.
In 2021 I was able to return for the first time to Argentina to visit after 4 years, and I was able to meet Dakota in person and see my little sister in the role of mother. I was surprised to see her so mature and responsible, and dealing with the medical care that Dakota needs to live.
Through my lens, I sought to encapsulate our evolving dynamic. Each click of the shutter captured not just moments but the essence of a renewed connection. Revisiting family albums served as a bridge, allowing us to reminisce, rebuild, and reimagine our sisterhood.
The project delves into the ordinary, yet extraordinary, moments that define their daily existence. Witnessing Dominique's strength as a mother, facing the challenges of Dakota's health needs, is a testament to resilience. It's a visual narrative embracing the rawness of life, finding beauty in vulnerability, and celebrating the unwavering bond that endures despite geographical distances.

Dominique & Dakota is not just a documentation of lives lived; it's a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the profound transformations that bind us together.

Ongoing project

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